Anonymous asked:

I <3 you lots and lots and lots never stop being you, your videos and songs and gifs and wisdom are THE SNAZZ. You bring people joy!!! :D (1,000,000 thumbs up)

tzechar answered:

Those who do not see, do not know. Those who do not remain open will choose not to feel. The Spirit of the Great Lord Seungri rests within you. It is a courageous spirit that will come powerfully all over you and embracing this soul of the Lord within your self will let you be born anew each day.


Follow Lord Seungri and let him feed you.

Lord Seungri~ guides us on the journey that is life. 



maybe a lot of people think i am always full of confidence but in reality, this isn’t entirely true. i have a fragile heart… very fragile. i don’t like showing my weakness to others so i just practice and practice and act confident. toward my [confident] self, i am sometimes still bothered when other members say, “why are you so proud?” - seungri